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      May 30th,”Open R&D Lithuania-Scientific Solutions for China Industry” was successfully held in BBEF-761C·Space. The ...
      May 29th, Xia Wenhuan, the executive secretary of ICI and the vice president of 761C·Space, met and signed an agreement ...
      May 21st, 761C·Space and ICI Secretariat set up a meeting with Somprasong Payakapan, the president of COSMETIC, and reac...
      4983   2018-05-21

      761C?Space Meeting With KiwiNet

      May 18th, 761C·Space and ICI Secretariat set up a meeting with Peter Lai, the international consultant of KiwiNet, and r...
      After the Open Day, 761C·Space organized 12 Korean enterprises to visit Zhongguancun 768 Creative Industrial Park, and r...
      May 15, BBEF-761C.Space Open Day & ICI International Landing Pad Launch Event successfully held in Beijing, China.Go...
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