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      761C?Space Meeting With KiwiNet

      2018-05-21 09:48:00

      May 18th, 761C·Space and ICI Secretariat set up a meeting with Peter Lai, the international consultant of KiwiNet, and reached agreement on business cooperation: KiwiNet will bring New Zealand technology projects and innovative institutions docking with enterprises in BEHC system according to the requirements. Besides, KiwiNet will organize New Zealand business groups to participate in the ICI global annual meeting in Beijing in mid-September.


      About KiwiNet:

      The Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet) is New Zealand’s network of public research organisations, working together to transform scientific discoveries into marketable products and services.

      KiwiNet partners are Plant & Food Research, Callaghan Innovation, AgResearch, Otago Innovation, Landcare Research, Lincoln University, University of Canterbury, Viclink, WaikatoLink, AUT Enterprises Ltd, Cawthron Institute, Environmental Science & Research, NIWA, Scion, GNS Science and Malaghan Institute.

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