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      ”Open R&D Lithuania-Scientific Solutions for China Industry”

      2018-05-31 13:51:00

      May 30th,”Open R&D Lithuania-Scientific Solutions for China Industry” was successfully held in BBEF-761C·Space. The conference were co-organized by Beijing Technology Exchange & Promotion Center, CITTC, MITA and Adiminisrative Committee of Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park.

      Zhang Zehao, deputy director of BTEPC, Mr. Arunas Karlonas, commercial counselor of the Lithuania Embassy and Xia Wenhuan, the executive secretary of ICI gave speeches on this conference.

      The Lithuania delegation from VGTU, KTU,VMU,the Physical Science and Technology Center and the professor of LSMU discussed with university researchers in Intelligent cities, circular economy and other areas. In the meantime, TongFang, Sinosteel Innovation, Day Day Up and other Chinese enterprises had B2B activities.

      The director of Open R&D Lithuania, Gintare Narakiene, communicated with BBEF-761C·Space, and had intention to singed up with the ICI-761 International Landing Pad.

      About Open R&D Lithuania

      Open R&D Lithuania is founded by the Lithuania Science and Technology Ministry and Economics Ministry. The platform brings together the resources of universities, scientific research institutions and science and technology parks, and provides more than 2000 services in different fields.

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